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Civil Litigation

Hammarlund Law Office offers representation in all Massachusetts courts, for both plaintiffs and defendants.

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Litigation is a broad area. We offer representation for many additional types of claims which are not listed on this website. We encourage clients to meet with us directly, as the Island courts offer some unique challenges to the civil litigant. Please contact us at your convenience.

Litigation Avoidance:
Cost-Effective Legal Planning

We have yet to meet a client who enjoys litigation, from either the plaintiff's or the defendant's perspective. Unfortunately, many transactions are filled with pitfalls for the unwary. Even the most well-meaning individual can find herself in the position of defendant, faced with violation of one or more statutory provisions. Similarly, placing trust in the details to "solve themselves" can vastly increase the likelihood of litigation if a transaction does not go as planned.

At Hammarlund Law Office, we believe in early analysis and early action to prevent litigation from occurring. We have found this approach benefits all our clients. Early analysis and action can help give you peace of mind, can establish security in your position, and can benefit your financial bottom line. We encourage our new and existing clients to contact us and discuss avoidance strategies.

For businesses, landlords, or others who deal with consumers, this review is even more of a necessity. Massachusetts consumer laws are extremely strict and carry high penalties for violations. Errors in a contract or agreement can subject you to significant penalties including treble damages and the need to pay your opponents attorneys fees.

For further detail, please see our business or individual pages above, and/or visit our Contracts page for specific information on individual and business contracts.