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Civil Litigation
for Individuals

Hammarlund Law Office assists individuals in

Contract Law and Contract Litigation
Consumer law and Consumer Litigation (93A)
Construction law and Construction Litigation
Home Improvement Contractor Suits (142A)
Real Estate Law and Real Estate Litigation
Security Deposit Disputes
Tort Law and Tort Litigation

Some disputes can only be settled with the help of the court system.  If you have been wronged, we can help you get the recourse to which you are entitled.

We understand that the legal outcome with respect to your opponent may be only one aspect of the overall outcome.  We guide our clients through their battles, without losing sight of their ultimate goal--which is often the goal of peace.

We will advise you on how best to protect your interests in the pursuit of that goal.  Whether we are aggressively seeking an injunction against your adversary, or whether we are making a friendly mediation request to a neighbor, we will always think beyond the day's battles, to the goal ahead.

If you are in a dispute with a business:  Consumers in Massachusetts are protected by some of the most beneficial consumer protection laws in the country.  If you are in a dispute with a commercial entity regarding services, home improvement, sales, or another business transaction, you may have significant legal advantages over your opponent.  

However, consumer protection suits have stringent requirements for notice, demands, and filings.  Failure to meet the statutory requirements can result in dismissal.

We are familiar with the consumer protection statutes such as 93A.  We can help you navigate the complex interaction between consumer protection laws, the Massachusetts Code of Regulations, and other applicable statutes, regulations, and official opinions.

If you are in a dispute with an individual:  Litigation between private individuals requires careful attention to the personal aspects of the case.  Commonly, the parties know each other and the close-knit Island environment will have an effect on the outcome of litigation.  For many people, the underlying complaint is obvious, and the solution is less so.

We routinely assist our clients in all aspects of litigation, from initial filing to settlement.  We understand that your reputation, business, and friendships may be as important or more important as your legal issues, and we will work with you to protect them.  

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