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Litigation Avoidance
and Civil Litigation
for Business

Hammarlund Law Office assists businesses in a variety of areas, including:

Employment Law and Employment Litigation
Contract Law and Contract Litigation
Construction law and Construction Litigation
Real Estate Law and Real Estate Litigation
Tort Law and Tort Litigation
Defense of Consumer Protection Suits

Some disputes can only be settled with the help of the court system.  If you have been wronged, we can help you get the recourse to which you are entitled.

We understand that the legal outcome with respect to your opponent may be only one aspect of the overall outcome.  We guide our clients through their battles, without losing sight of their ultimate business goals.  We understand the need to balance public exposure, business reputation, and the bottom line.

We will advise you on how best to protect your interests in the pursuit of that goal.  Whether we are aggressively seeking to enforce an injunction against your competitor, or whether we are making a friendly mediation request to a client who refuses to pay their bills, we will always think beyond the day's battles, to the goal ahead.

If you are in a dispute with a consumer:  Consumers in Massachusetts are protected by some of the strongest consumer protection laws in the country.  If you are in a dispute with a consumer regarding services, home improvement, sales, or another business transaction, you are advised to seek legal counsel immediately, so that you may avoid expensive errors.  

The consumer protection statutes are strict and unforgiving.  If you violate them in the course of a dispute, you can expose yourself to consequences such as treble damages and the need to pay your opponent's attorney fees and costs. 

We are familiar with the consumer protection statutes such as M.G.L. 93A.  We can help you navigate the complex interaction between consumer protection laws, the Massachusetts Code of Regulations, and other applicable statutes, regulations, and official opinions.

If you are in a dispute with a business or other entity:  We represent many businesses and have a good understanding of the varying legal issues which may arise in a civil dispute.  We will work with you to find the most effective way to meet your litigation goals, whether they are "prosecute fully to set a precedent;" "settle quickly with a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement;" or anything in between.

Litigation Avoidance:
Cost-Effective Legal Management

It is cheaper and more efficient to prevent problems, than it is to solve problems.  Would you rather spend money to review a contract... or would you rather spend five times that amount to defend an illegal contract?  Would you rather work with us to ensure compliance with Wage Act regulations... of would you rather defend a Wage Act suit, facing automatic treble damages and attorneys fees? 

We strongly advise all our commercial clients to practice litigation avoidance.  This usually takes two forms, which may be done separately or in combination.

Screening and Review: We can conduct an initial screening review, in which we look at your operation, your contracts, your employment issues, and many other business-specific areas where you may have legal exposure.  We will work with you to understand your own tolerance for various types of risk.  We will propose some solutions to minimize risk.  Finally, we will execute any of those solutions which require legal work. Most commercial clients should perform this type of review on an annual basis, although subsequent years are much simpler. 

"Quick Answer" Retainer Services: If you have ever wondered "should I call an attorney before I do this?" the answer is almost always "yes, you should."  We have many clients who have an ongoing relationship with the firm, and who periodically call us to screen issues.  We frequently are able to steer them away from liability, and often have saved them thousands of dollars through a short phone call.  Ask us about


CASE STUDY: A client informed worked as a licensed Home Improvement Contractor.  We informed him that this particular area, covered by M..G.L. c. 142A, is unusually detailed, and that the relevant statutes list a variety of mandated disclosures and contractual terms.

After reviewing the client's form contract, it became quickly apparent that the contract contained numerous violations of M.G.L. 142A, and that each violation was also a per se violation of M.G.L. c. 93A, the consumer protection statute.  These violations exposed the client to significant liability.

We were able to provide the client with a personalized contract which met all the statutory requirements.  We also trained the client in how to fill out this contract in a manner which would provide the best protection. 

As a result of this review and training, the client's legal exposure was significantly reduced, across all of his future customers.  The up front cost to the client was far less than the cost of a single lawsuit, and the client's yearly legal expenses have dropped significantly.

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