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For Employers:

Erik Hammarlund organizes and leads a yearly free seminar for Island employers, designed to help employers stay within the bounds of the various laws and statutes.  He also works with various employers to advise them on pay, documentation, and internal structure so that they may avoid falling afoul of the law.  This is a crucial part of the Litigation Avoidance strategy, described here.

The law in Massachusetts is so biased in favor of employees, that almost all businesses will find litigation avoidance to be a financially sound investment.  Please contact us for further details on our review, and/or on the yearly employment seminar, held every spring.

For Employees:

Wage and Hour: We are very familiar with the Massachusetts Wage Act and with federal statutes which provide for the fair treatment of employees.  We represent employees in suits for unpaid wages, misclassification, and other issues related to earned income.  Any violation of the Massachusetts Wage Act will result in automatic triple damages and attorneys fees.  We normally take wage and hour cases on a contingency basis.   Please contact us directly for more information.

Unemployment: We represent employees who believe that they have unfairly been denied unemployment.  We will attend an in-person or telephonic unemployment hearing to assist you in obtaining your rightful benefits.  This representation will usually be available only in the context of an ongoing wage case of the type described above.

Please contact us for further information.