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Mediation is available for all clients: individuals, organizations, and corporations. 

Although the traditional court system remains an excellent way to settle disputes, many people are beginning to consider different methods of resolving their disagreements.  At Hammarlund Law Office, we believe that alternative dispute resolution should always be an option. 

Mediation can be a low-risk and affordable way to resolve conflicts.  Furthermore, mediation allows for a wider range of possible solutions than are available through the civil court system.

Divorce mediation:  Erik Hammarlund is a trained divorce mediator.Although we do not handle contested divorce litigation, we provide mediation services for couples who wish to maintain a mutually acceptable outcome while keeping costs far below a contested divorce.

Representation in Mediation. 

In many situations, it may be desirable to attend a mediation session with the assistance and support of counsel.  As a trained mediator, Mr. Hammarlund can provide such support without disrupting the mediation process.

Private Mediation

Erik Hammarlund, Esq. is a certified mediator.  Mediation can take place at the Hammarlund Law Office building, or an alternate location agreeable to all parties. 

Please note that a mediator must remain neutral.  As a result, Mr. Hammarlund cannot generally serve as a mediator when an existing client is a party.  Even an initial consultation can, at times, raise issues or convey information which would conflict with neutrality.  We encourage interested persons to raise the possibility of mediation early in our discussions, before such a conflict arises.

Please contact us for further information.  As noted above, if you seek private mediation, you should make that clear as early as possible in the process.