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Contract Services
Individuals and Businesses

A contract, simply put, is a binding agreement between two or more parties which has been reduced to writing.  Contracts cover an enormous area of the law, from professional services to real property.  Almost all high-value transactions, and many lower-value transactions, will involve some form of contract between the parties. 

The language of a contract should be precise and accurate.  Errors in drafting or lack of detail can make the contract unenforceable, or can cause severe problems to one or more parties involved.  Furthermore, depending on the issue covered by the contract, there may be statutory requirements which impose liability or responsibilities on the parties even if that liability or responsibility is not at all evident from the contract itself.

In our experience, if a transaction justifies having a contract, then it is worth doing the contract correctly.  It is usually far cheaper to address issues in a proactive fashion than it is to resolve disputes based on a bad contract.  At Hammarlund Law Office, we routinely assist clients with contract drafting, response, review, and--when necessary--litigation.    

You should be able to read and
understand your contracts
WITHOUT a dictionary in hand.

Our basic rule is simple: If you don't understand it, don't sign it.

To comply with our own rule, we do our best to draft our contracts in a manner which makes them legible and accessible for laypeople.  We combine clear drafting with in-person explanations of the language to ensure that our clients' wishes are accurately represented on paper.

We use technology to assist our clients in reading and understanding their contracts.  For example, we can produce large print documents for visually impaired clients, or can produce online documents with embedded definitions of key terms.

We know that the "plain English" method is, sadly, relatively uncommon.  If you do not understand a contract you have been asked to sign, ask us for help.  We can explain it to you and/or rewrite it so that you fully understand your rights and obligations.

For Individuals:

We can review a contract which you have been asked to sign, and can advise you of the risks and benefits inherent to the language of the contract.  Many contracts are relatively one-sided: although you may elect to sign such a contract, you should not do so without knowing the pros and cons of signing.  You may also find that we are able to negotiate better terms in your contracts than are originally offered to you. 

For Businesses:

Massachusetts consumer protection statutes make it more important than ever to use an appropriate and well-drafted contract for consumer and business-to-business transactions.  In many cases, the simple failure to use an appropriate contract can give rise to instant and inescapable liability, the costs of which can be severe.

We can assist you in protecting your livelihood.  Whether you require a review of a supplier contract; an explanation of your obligations as a subcontractor under an AIA contract; or assistance in drafting a 142A-compliant home improvement contract, we can help. These contract reviews are a key aspect of our Litigation Avoidance strategy, discussed in further detail on our Business Litigation page.

We also offer many additional services which are not listed here.  Please contact us for further information and/or a free initial consultation.